Report on Gamis Trend 2100

The new Chamomile scent by Gamis Trend is called Trend 2100. It offers a fruity and citrusy smell. It reminds me personally of a cross between Priscilla Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and I also have always been unsure which came first. This will be an excellent fragrance by Gamis, which smells like a floral bouquet of orange flowers and grapefruit.

The gamis trend clothing line had been inspired by Yves Saint Laurent and Priscilla Chanel. These designers created some really great scents that smelled extremely good. Some of them also reminded me associated with scent of fresh bread. They all have actually an almost flowery fragrance, although Priscilla Chanel has a very unique scent. Both of these scents makes you are feeling as you are outside in the garden or perhaps shopping in a mall.

In this fragrance, there are numerous different scents which have a flowery aroma, though it won’t have an extremely strong one. The fragrance of lime green and orange with a hint of pink, peach and brown clover. The fragrance natural oils utilized in this fragrance included cypress, grapefruit, and pine. These scents are blended with patchouli, Rosemary, sage, and lavender. That is outstanding combination for the bath and body.

The cedar package is a light scent that reminds me of pine and cedar. The fragrance is sold with a light woodsy aroma, just like a pine box fragrance. You can find no overwhelming smells, just a fantastic fresh fragrance. The fragrance natural oils found in this fragrance were rosewood, juniper, cedar, and amber.

The Green One is another scent that features gamis trend 2100. This fragrance is dependant on green and floral notes with an added hint of spice and lemongrass. This has an extremely light scent, additionally the main records are grapefruit, melon, raspberry, and green tea extract. It also includes some vanilla and lime notes. The fragrance oils utilized in this scent had been cypress, raspberry, and green tea extract.

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