Porsche Chayenne – the engine

With every brand new vehicle, Porsche tried to redefine this is
of performance, by producing a far more powerful motor. Cayenne Turbo
makes no exception to the guideline. Like all Porsche motor, it’s hand
put together therefore the double turbo V8 rises to an exacting degree of technical

Motronic ME7.1.1.is a method that controls the split-second accuracy
associated with Cayenne V8 and V6 super engine. This new highly smart
engine administration system balances impressive power with great
smoothness. All this to prove that Cayenne`s “brain” matches its brawn.
The Motronic system is built to monitor a wide range of sensors and
engine elements. It compares channels of data with corresponding
sets of reference values, all this in a rate of milliseconds. Then, if it
finds any differences, the device adjusts key engine functions, such as for instance
the ignition of fuel injection, predicated on this comparison. Towards Motronic
management are included other key systems, such as onboard diagnostics
and cylinder-specific knock control, with automatic adaptation to virtually any
improvement in gas quality. All this for maximised performance in all driving conditions.

This method is seamless and automated therefore the motor has a good
level of energy and torque. Additionally, another great result is much better gas
economy and reduced emissions in the exhaust stream.

Another purpose of the Motronic system could be the handling of atmosphere flowing
in to the engine to make certain maximum levels of performance. It does that
by managing boost pressure regarding the Cayenne Turbo.

The Cayenne model includes another system, the resonance induction
system with a variable-length intake manifold. This is additionally an inventive
engineering concept that utilizes force waves produced by the inlet
valves. It does this to improve the density of this incoming atmosphere, which,
in the end, will increase the total amount of energy released during combustion.
There are two intake tubes, and depending on the rate, the machine
will choose one of them. The extended tube is employed at reduced speeds in an effort
to increase low-end torque. At around 4250 rpm, it switches to shorter
Intake tube to ensure it maximizes power production with a more eager throttle response.

The Porsche Cayenne engineers wanted to improve combustion for
more energy, better gas economy, reduced emissions and less
upkeep. To do so, they created a fixed high-voltage ignition
system with separate ignition coils on each individual spark plug.
That is an enhanced method which allows a longer spark-plug life.
The sequential fuel injection system is equally advanced. A returnless
gas supply system acts each injector to be able to continuously
adjust the complete air/fuel mix. The result is needless to say an improved environment,
since it controls the emissions.

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