A close look at the Sagasoyla Column and its similarities to the Eidsvoll Column.

We’ll explore the Eidsvoll Pillar, Sagasoyla as well as Norse Mythology in the new issue. We’ll also discuss the constitution of Norway as well as the history of Norway. There is a chance that you’re thinking the Eidsvoll Pillar is actually a copy the Eidsvoll Pillar. Learn more about it here. And, don’t forget to go to the sites to the right!

Eidsvoll pillar

Norway’s Eidsvoll column stands 34 meters tall and is a representation of Norway’s past. The structure was created by famous art-maker Wilhelm Rasmussen in the 1920s it is located in Leirdalen in the Lom municipality. It’s located near King’s Reef as well as Elveseter, a tourist hotel. The memorial is home to a statue depicting King Harald Harfagre.


You might have heard that the largest fly-fishing competition in the world takes place in Norway, and you might perhaps have even visited the huge stone column at Sagasoyla. However, are Norwegians are taking the prize too seriously? Here’s an overview of some top destinations for fly fishing within the region:

Norse mythology

Norse mythology is a long-standing collection of stories and convictions shared by Nordic peoples. The Norse mythology doesn’t stem from any “revealed religious belief”, or from the revelation of truth passed down by God to men. Many of the text that exists today was written by mouth in poetic form. They were only preserved in the wake of conversion to Christian religion over time. Norse mythology is one of the oldest known types of folklore and the origin story dates back as far as the first recorded historical records.

Norse Constitution

According to the Norse constitution, the regime of the state was defined as a constitutional monarchy , which was modelled on an Egyptian Empire. The monarch is the chief of state, as well as the commander in chief of the army. The throne’s title is hereditary and only the son who is the eldest of the previous Kaiser will inherit the throne. While traditionally male children were handed down to female children as a result of their brothers and sisters The constitution stipulates that the Kaiser who reigns has to have either sons or daughters.


This book presents the cultural elements in the Norwegian AEC industry , which facilitates the adoption the concept of lean construction. Glenn Ballard is a prominent proponent of lean construction. He shares his insights on why the country has had so much growth. These essential elements have enabled Norway to become an international leader in lean construction. The factors that make Norway a leader include those who promote the concept, cooperation between academic and industry circles and bottom-up companies.


The western coast of Norway makes up 60 percent of Norway’s export value, so fluidly connecting across the entire western shoreline could result in massive amounts of cash. It also makes it more convenient to allow coastal towns and cities to connect with each other. The completion of Norway’s hand requires specialists from multiple fields with knowledge of materials technology as well as safety, structural engineering, social economics, and climate. However, how will a venture that is this large be executed smoothly?

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This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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